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Little League Nature Course Baseball ‘08

Offshore Tycoon - Wii (E)
Offshore Tycoon is a casual time management simulator in which you have to take control of harvesting equipment such as fishing trawlers, oil tankers and more. Travel the globe to five exciting themed levels, each of which consist of ten levels with their own varieties of fish, stylized look and feel. Theres even a Gallery Mode which allows you to learn more about the different breeds of fish encountered in-game, with each variety of fish being unlocked as you reach new locales.

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Callaway Tropics Caps

Coleman Golf Cart Heater Coleman GolfCat Portable Golf Cart Heater The personal heater that makes the golfing season last well into the next season. Coleman s new model comes with new features and a contemporary design all at the same price. The GolfCat can also be used away from the golf course, in your shop, garage, ball games or for emergency heat. Includes a holder that conveniently fits in most golf cart cup holders. The GolfCat features: A battery ignition for matchless lighting control Platinum catalytic technology for flameless, whisper-quiet warmth at 3,000 BTU High and low heat settings with easy-to-reach controls on the driver s side Operation up to 8 hours on a 16.4 oz.

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Finally, what youve all been waiting for! The recap of The Party to End All Parties or Scotts Birthday, whichever youd like to refer to it as.
What a whirlwind it was! I think I mentioned that I was able to actually get Boyfriend out of the house from Friday until he actually walked in the house on Saturday night. That was a real blessing. My girls came over Friday night to start early. Dee and I whizzed through the house (shes a clean freak) and scrubbed every inch. The first step to throwing a party is to make sure your guests arent grossed out by your crib. I keep a pretty clean house, but I dont venture far into the Man Cave (the basement) often. We threw crap into the laundry room, cleared off surfaces, dusted and polished, even hung up a few pictures that had been sitting around forever.
A and her Boyfriend Th got all the food on Friday (and even managed to come in under the budget of $250, thanks to A using a 10% Employee Discount at Safeway) Auntie M worked on her foam board presentation of Scott Through the Years. Shes an awesome scrapbooker, and made the pictures Scotts mom sent me of him growing up, into a really neat Display.
 We Hung up the Banner, which my neighbor, who works for a sign company made for me. The pic is a little dark, but it reads s 30th Bday Vegas Bash
Saturday, we were up by 8:00 AM. Dee ended up staying the night so she could be there early to get to work. Her hubby watched the baby all day so she could help out. The weather was balmy, but a little windy. Storms were possible. I didnt mind if it rained as our porch is covered, but I really hoped the humidity stayed on. Utilizing the porch for the party was a necessity, but a gamble in November. Without the extra space, it was going to get crowded inside the house.
There were a million things to do - cover the tables with felt (to keep with the theme) pick up the cake, buy all the alcohol, hang up the rest of the decorations, finishing touches, and of course cook the Food. I cannot tell you how grateful I was to A and TH for shouldering that huge responsibility. With them in charge I did not have to worry. Everything they make turns out delish! Since I was footing the bill, I left my faithful friends to take care of the house, while I drove around and bought everything. That took what seemed liked forever! Deciding what to buy liquor wise and how much beer, and weighing that against how much Id already spent was tough. I started to panic a little about money. But eventually said Fuck It, Ive spent XX amount already, its not going to make too much of a difference at this point.
Im sure youre all bored of hearing about the preparations by now. I do have to tell you one little hiccup. Th took one of the entrees to the basement, and the fridge was full, so he set it on top of the bar. Poor Roscoe had been outside on the porch all day, to keep him out of the way, and I finally let him in when it started raining. I know you can see where this is going.Suddenly Im looking around like s Roscoe? Oh, hes having a tasty lunch down in the basement, standing on two paws, chowing down on the twice baked baby red potatoes. I was so pissed and embarassed at the same time. Here are my friends, slaving away for nothing, and my bad ass dog just ate their food. It sucked. What could we do, though, but move on?
Time for showers and dresses and waist cinchers, curlers and makeup. We all got ready at my place, while A tried to help TH in the kitchen simultaneously. I scored a gold headband at the dollar store earlier that day that looked great with my dress. My dress, however, did not look so great on me. Ok, it wasnt awful, but seriously, I was so uncomfortable all night feeling like a fat heffer that I regret my decision to wear it. I should have just found something I could breathe in instead. Ah, well. Lesson Learned.
Everyone started arriving between 6:30 and 6:45. A little after 6:30 Dave, Scotts best friend, and the one responsible for keeping him busy all day, called to tell me Scott had just left. At that point there was one person there. I yelled at Dave I told you a little before 7, not 6:30, theres only one person here! Props to Dave because with quick thinking, he managed to keep him busy for another half an hour, by asking Scott to take him to the liquor store up the street.
People mingled for a bit when I announced everyone would need to squish upstairs in a few minutes while I watched out the window for Scott to pull up. At my signal everyone hushed. We locked the door at the last minute to add to the suspense. He came in and we yelled as you do at surprise parties.

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CARACAS .- The Lions of Caracas, coming from one of its most meager crops of racing in a game this season, returned last night to the routine riddled with rivals. Although the pampered from the rostrum were the beginners Marco Scutaro and Franklin Gutierrez, the trident-Josh Kroeger Jesus Guzman, Jose Castillo returned to penetrate the skin of the enemy. Among the three tugboats eight of the nine entries through which the camp melenudo beat some of the Zulia Aguilas in flight gallináceo this week, losing four of five, for now. Shooting lost second place in the table with the La Guaira Sharks, who have the best percentage of wins .
In one of his typical fits of fury offensive felines will mark eight annotations to predators between innings one and two, during which Guzman chartered two with a double and rola per second, Kroeger home run and three with tubey Castillo and another trio of glimmer with pair of long vuelacercas. The Lions returned to its average of eight per game and left by the wayside Friday night, when barely set foot home twice before Caribs of Anzoategui. What this team is not accidental. Caribs hit against us that we had days off. With these additions today (Scutaro, Gutierrez, John Jaso) are going to be even stronger, said Castillo, who for the second time in his career within the LVBP duo bambinazos scores in a single encounter .
opener predators, BJ Lamura, was the target of this bombing, to receive two biangulares and equal vuelavallas figure of 1.2 in installments. The two batazos back complete (the work of Kroeger and Castillo) were consecutive and left the board 4-0 in the opening leg. Then come the other four corners of trancazo Castillo (against Freddy Ballestas), which stressed more so high that so long, took several seconds to fall into the bleachers in the rightfield. What happens is that the pitcher threw a straight out very hard and when the launch is so hard, and you do you swing hard, take the ball away, said guariqueño .

Far from cooling the engine caraquista, Scutaro, and Jason Gutierrez contributed to the carreraje. Scutaro rang and scored a hit; Jaso agency will double rocket and hit the Pentagon. Gutierrez took ticket and rubberized .
Once again the bullpen City taught her noble wood. In the fourth inning on starter Tony Armas Jr., Which had already received two so many in the third, was descuadernó and started giving pelotazos and receive incogibles. A victory that seemed secure with bunches of four became threatened to put the score 8-4 with the bases full and one out. The southpaw Ortegano Jose had to come to the aid of grandeliga and faced in that situation to Gerardo Parra and Alberto Callaspo, one-two in the toletería Eduardo Perez. A dome with what Parra sacrifice fly by Callaspo and removed it with balloon to the center. I had a brief conversation with the catcher, then mention Ortegano. A Parra Tiré a pitcheo him inside and he burned the garrocha. A Callaspo out of what I took with shipments broken. What is not bankruptcy is the will of the Lions winning. Everything indicates that the collapse of 2007 will not recur.

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amandas space: tennis elbow

You may want to read carefully, and keep handy for a quick review in tense situations with your loved one. 1.) “Fine”: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. A shrewd but effective psychological tactic. 2.) “Five Minutes”: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. It may be that women are able to fold the space time continuum to achieve this. 3.) “Nothing”: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes for at least the next 72hrs, if not longer. Arguments that begin with “nothing” usually end in “fine”. 4.) “Go Ahead”: According to all experts on the topic this is considered a dare, and not permission. Don’t Do It! 5.) A Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and further discussion is pointless because she is right in this discussion about nothing important. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of “nothing”.) 6.) “That’s Okay”: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That’s okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake. A 72hr waiting period doesn’t apply, this goes on your permanent record. 7.) “Thanks”: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or Faint. Just say you’re welcome and back away slowly. 8.) “Whatever”: Is a woman’s way of saying “bite me”. 9.) “Don’t worry about it, I got it”: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking “What’s wrong?” For the woman’s response refer to #3. Pray that you don’t receive a “that’s ok”.

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Strip Poker Not ever Gets Old (User Video)

When asked about lowering the legal gambling age in Vegas to 18, the State Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander and Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Peter Hernhard were open to the idea. The duo are asking the new Senate Majority Leader, Steven Horsford for review.
Of course, this is going to raise many debates about the fact that it will open up a new world to 18 year olds that have never gambled before (obv never heard of Internetz Pokers). Alcohol will come into the arguments as well since it’s going to be difficult to now card everyone that walks in the door of a casino as well as when they’re seated at a table before serving them drinks.
What’s interesting is that the law actually could pass relatively quickly. Since it’s a state law and not a national law, they could sign it into legislation before next summer. Let’s just not pack our bags just yet, though. We’ll follow this and report on any updates as they occur.,CST-NWS-nevada11.

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Got a question about sports that you just can't find the answer to? Or do you think you can stump the sports team with your fanatical knowledge of little known sports trivia? Well, here's your chance to Ask The Sports Guys. Every week, our team of sports reporters will tackle questions you submit. Click here to Ask the Sports Guys, and check back often to watch their answers.

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Mizuno Prospect Series GPL1152 11.50-Inch Youth Baseball Glove Specifically designed to help younger baseball players catch the ball the right wayin the pocketthe Mizuno Prospect GPL1152 youth glove boasts a series of innovations unmatched in the industry. The 11.5-inch glove features Mizunos patented Power Close 2 technology, with an exclusive outer thumb slot to improve the gloves The innovative Pocket 2 design, meanwhile, increases the catching area by 32 percent over a classically designed glove. Combine the features and you have a glove with a huge sweet spot, making it ideal for those who are still learning the fundamentals of the game. Other details include Mizunos SureFit foam cushioning, which adds cushioning to the back of the fingers for a more custom fit; a V-Flex Notch design that also helps initiate easy closure; and a ParaShock palm pad that reduces shock to minimize the of hard throws. The glove, which offers a utility pattern and a diagonal tartan web, carries a one-year warranty.
Customer Review: Nice glove
This glove is very well made. The leather is soft and no need to work for break in.
It fits on 8 years old boys hand fine now but there is some room to grow. I think he will be able to use it at least a couple of years.
He loves this glove because the looks, feel, and the fact that he can catch much better with this glove than his old Wilsons glove. I highly recommend this glove.

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punkrockoi: Black Ships - Omens -2008

Track List:

Disc 1/2

1. Oh Boy 3:18
2. Let Her Go 2:19
3. I'm Sorry, He's Mine 2:55
4. Gotta Leave My Troubles Behind 2:27
5. Why Don't You Love Me 3:06
6. High On You 3:05
7. Kings Queens 2:13
8. Seems Like We Lost It 2:58
9. Leave My Man Alone 4:23
10. Ba Ba Ba 3:08
11. Miss Li 4:23

Disc 2/2

1. I Can't Give You Anything 2:48
2. It Was A Partynight 3:10
3. Like A Holiday 3:12
4. Not The One I Need 3:10
5. I Thought I Knew You 2:43
6. Take Me Back 3:42
7. Good Morning 1:47

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Einfallsreichtum und Selbstdarstellung
Nicht nur auf seinen Studioaufnahmen hat Kanye West ständig die Grenzen des Mainstream-Hip-Hop erweitert: Auch bei seiner letzten Tournee vor zwei Jahren definierte er das Rap-Konzert völlig neu. Anstatt DJ oder Band standen ihm ein Streichensemble samt Harfenistin sowie DJ-Weltmeister A-Trak zur Seite. In Sachen Einfallsreichtum und Selbstdarstellung gelingt es ihm sogar, dieses Niveau noch zu übertreffen. Nachdem der Vorhang gefallen ist, eröffnet sich auf der Bühne eine begehbare Planetenlandschaft, in deren Zentrum ein Metallquadrat den gestrandeten Sternenkreuzer repräsentiert. Eine monumentale Videoleinwand schließt den Raum nach hinten ab und liefert mit ihren Filmsequenzen zugleich die verschiedenen Hintergrundbilder. Eine weitere Projektionsfläche, die von oben herabgehängt werden kann, fungiert als Cockpit.
Nur Kanye West selbst bewegt sich in diesem Setting. Einzig von einem erhöhten Standpunkt aus lässt sich erkennen, dass fast ein Dutzend Sänger und Instrumentalisten in einem Orchestergraben vor der Bühne versteckt sind. Nur bei bestimmten Passagen werden sie auf Plattformen emporgehievt. Als Mitglieder von Wests Raumfahrtcrew tragen die Musiker dunkle Visiere, die ihre Gesichtszüge verbergen. Auch ihre Identität wird nicht preisgegeben, denn West hält es während des neunzigminütigen Auftritts nicht für nötig, sie wie sonst üblich vorzustellen oder mit ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. Sie bleiben rein ausführende Werkzeuge.
Immer im Mittelpunkt
Der Ablauf lässt dem Publikum keine Zeit zum Durchatmen. Von Anfang an folgt ohne Pause Lied auf Lied, passiert ununterbrochen irgendetwas Unerwartetes auf der Bühne. Wenn der rappende Astronaut nicht gerade von einem Monster angegriffen wird, hat er mit Meteoritenschwärmen zu kämpfen. Oder er trifft freundliche Außerirdische, die ihn an seine eigentliche Mission erinnern. Trotz dieser Überfülle an optischen und akustischen Sensationen steht Kanye West immer im Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Er füllt die nicht gerade kleine Aktionsfläche mit seiner Person vollständig aus. Diese Leistung kann nicht hoch genug bewertet werden, denn West ist beileibe kein geübter Tänzer. Einen Choreographen hat er augenscheinlich nicht engagiert. Was ihm jedoch an Geschmeidigkeit und Akrobatik fehlt, macht er durch Einsatz, Ausdauer und Dynamik wett. An manchen Stellen übt sich West erstmals außerdem als Sänger. Auch wenn Stimmkraft und Intonationsfähigkeit nicht gerade seine Stärken sind, befremdet das keineswegs. Es wirkt vielmehr so glaubwürdig, als hätte er nie etwas anderes gemacht.
Mit der aktuellen Single „Love Lockdown“ beschließt West seine Vorstellung. Das Stück bleibt an diesem Abend die einzige Nummer von seinem vierten Album „808s Heartbreak“, das am Freitag erscheint. Auf seiner neuen Platte entfernt sich der Einunddreißigjährige weiter als je zuvor von seinen Wurzeln im Hip-Hop. Passagen mit Sprechgesang sucht man in den zwölf Stücken jedenfalls nahezu vergebens, und auch die Gastbeiträge von befreundeten Rappern halten sich in Grenzen. Dafür singt West jetzt fast ausschließlich, wobei er seine Stimme meist mit dem Effektprogramm Auto-Tune manipuliert hat.
„Glow In The Dark“-Tour
Dieser Eingriff mag zwar an die beschleunigten und dadurch gleichfalls verfremdeten Soul-Gesänge erinnern, die zu Beginn von Wests Karriere zu seinem Markenzeichen wurden. Hier sorgt das Fehlen von eindeutigen Melodiebögen jedoch dafür, dass der Vortrag auf die Dauer ziemlich an den Nerven zerrt. Getragene Streicher, monotone Choräle und breitflächige Synthesizerschichten mindern das nicht eben, so dass sich der Abend meist ziemlich zäh und richtungslos dahinschleppt. Selbst polyrhythmische Perkussionsfeuerwerke zünden in diesem konstruiert wirkenden Umfeld nicht.
Kanye Wests „Glow In The Dark“-Tour ist sicherlich eine der aufwendigsten und ausgefallensten Popshows seit langem. Sie zeigt, wie ihr Dramaturg schon jetzt neue Maßstäbe gesetzt hat: West entwickelt sich mehr und mehr zu einem eigenen Planeten im Kosmos des Musikgeschäfts. Mit seiner Fähigkeit, bestehende Muster zu durchbrechen und in großen Bahnen zu denken, führt er den Hip-Hop auf Umlaufbahnen, die an die Tugenden des Stadion-Rocks zu seinen Hochzeiten Mitte der Achtziger heranreichen. Allerdings muss West aufpassen, dass er nicht irgendwann ausschließlich um sich selbst kreist. Diese Gefahr ist bei der aktuellen Bühnenshow schon spürbar. Wesentlich deutlicher überschattet sie seine neue Platte.
Text: F.A.Z.

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